Stage 1 MU Objectives and Measures

Capturing electronic health information and using that data to track and communicate clinical conditions is the predominant focus of Stage 1 Meaningful Use. This first phase of meaningful use includes measures that are specific to EHs and EPs. Radiology EPs have a total of 15 core set objectives, 10 menu set objectives, and 44 clinical quality measures to report against. Each set has specific objectives that may be excluded. However, all EPs are still required to “possess” EHR technology that has been tested and certified against all 33 Certification Criteria.

15 Core Set Measures 

The core set includes six measures eligible for exclusion. For radiology EPs, three of the measures may potentially be excluded based on practice type and patient population. Of the remaining objectives, eight may be achievable with your current IT investments while the remaining measures will likely require your department to implement new, certified technology modules.

10 Menu Set Measures

The menu set includes eight measures eligible for exclusion and allows EPs to select five of 10 measures to report. For radiology EPs, three measures may potentially be excluded based on practice type and patient population. Based on menu set requirements, most radiology EPs would be responsible for reporting two of seven menu set measures. Like the core set measures, menu set measures will likely require implementation of new certified technology in order to comply with meaningful use objectives.

44 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs)

One of the core set objectives, 42 CFR §495.6(d)(10), expands out to a set of 44 clinically-based measures of which EPs are required to report on six (three core or alternate core measures and three discretionary measures).

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