Preparing for Meaningful Use

In this month’s post, we discuss the first phase of the 10-step approach to achieving meaningful use and discuss recommendations for understanding program fundamentals, determining your eligibility, and assessing the financial impact.

Step 1: Understanding the Fundamentals of MU. Success begins with an understanding of the fundamentals. Build your knowledge by visiting the government program website (, attending lectures, reading articles, listening to podcasts, participating in tradeshows, or browsing the nearly 1,000 pages of regulations (

Step 2: Determining Your Eligibility and Financial Impact. Most U.S. radiologists are considered eligible professionals under the Medicare version of the incentive program. Regardless, it’s a good idea to review your practice setting and group billing history to determine your incentive program eligibility and to conduct a MU analysis using your group’s practice and individual “eligible professionals” (EPs) data. Preparing an analysis before developing a strategy not only helps you to better understand the impact of the incentive programs on your practice, but it also provides a baseline for internal and external MU discussions and planning. Use the tools at to assist with this process.

Step 3: Determining Your MU Measure Requirements. The incentive program is based on individual eligible professionals (EPs), so all radiologists at your practice may not have the same MU requirements. As a result, you need to review the individual exclusion opportunities for each radiologist. This assessment will prove invaluable in determining which of the incentive program’s 25 objectives and measures that your practice will need to perform and demonstrate to achieve MU. (Your group can claim exclusions for several measures based on whether EPs meet exclusion criteria.)

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