Executing your Meaningful Use Strategy

In this month’s post, we discuss the third phase of the 10-step approach to achieving meaningful use and discuss techniques for executing your strategy through planning your technological and operational strategies and acquiring and implementing certified technology.

Step 6: Planning Your MU Technological and Operational Strategies. This is the point at which you begin to spend money and implement your strategy, but it is also the period when the improvements may impact your existing workflow and processes. As a result, this is the first time in the process that you may want to seek consultative assistance, which can help with budget preparation, workflow documentation, technical specifications and analysis, connectivity and data exchange, defining vendor and technology requirements, and reviewing your existing IT infrastructure. In addition to consultants, regional extension centers (RECs) have been established to help EPs as they tackle MU. (A list of RECs can be found at recs.theMUguide.com). While the RECs primarily provide assistance to eligible primary care providers in smaller practices, these centers are also a resource for all providers in a given geographic region.

Step 7: Acquiring and Implementing Certified EHR Technology. Once you have determined your operational and technological requirements, you may need to acquire or implement certified EHR technology to comply with program requirements not satisfied by your existing technology. For example, you may consider potential upgrades or add-ons to your RIS, PACS, practice management system, or any other IT platform that may be used as an EHR. Also, implementing an MU dashboard can help your group view and track all of your individual EP MU measures to ensure ongoing compliance.

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