Sustaining your Meaningful Use Strategy

In this month’s post, we discuss the final phase of the 10-step approach to achieving meaningful use and discuss the requirements for sustaining your strategy through online registration with CMS, regular compliance monitoring, and the reporting period attestation process.

Step 8: Registering Online With CMS. After obtaining your certified technology, each EP needs to register online using the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs Registration and Attestation System. Registration must be completed prior to submitting MU attestation. Even though registration and attestation can occur at the same time, it is advisable not to wait until your practice is ready to attest to register for the program. While an EP can register prior to possessing all necessary certified EHR technology, this information is required before an EP can attest. Registration can be completed on the CMS website (

Step 9: Monitoring Your MU Compliance Regularly. Once you have your MU infrastructure up and running, you will need to monitor your compliance regularly against each EP’s incentive program requirements. This includes implementing a tracking mechanism or dashboard and monitoring individual EP and group-level statuses. The supplier of your certified EHR technology will provide compliance dashboards for your group. In the case of a modular approach to MU, you may be required to implement a third-party solution that aggregates the data from individual systems.

Step 10: Attesting Online With CMS. Attestation, or the process of legally telling CMS that an EP has demonstrated meaningful use of certified EHR technology, is the final step. Attestation is conducted using the same system that is used for registration — see Step 8. Prior to attesting as an EP under the Medicare program, an EP should ensure completion of these steps: 1) determine his or her eligibility to participate in the Medicare program; 2) successfully register for the Medicare program on the CMS EHR Incentive Programs Registration System; 3) meet the required number of core set, menu set, and clinical quality measures; and 4) record meeting MU criteria for the appropriate time period.

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