“Must See” MU Sessions at RSNA 2014

In this month’s post, we take a look at RSNA 2014 MU sessions.

In less than 3 weeks, nearly 60,000 radiology professionals from around the world will converge on Chicago to witness the latest discoveries, techniques and innovations for diagnostic imaging.

Every year there are certain topics that take the stage at RSNA, and 2014 is no exception-imaging decision support, structured data capture, data mining, radiation dosing, image sharing, and mobile devices are just a few notable topics. In addition to technological advancement, lessons learned and shared experiences about the CMS EHR Incentive Programs, or “meaningful use,” is sure to be a topic of discussion as it has been in recent years.

And to help you plan your trip to Chicago, we’ve compiled a list of “must see” MU sessions at RSNA 2014.

  • Tuesday 12/02/14 (8:30-10:00AM/RC354): Health IT Incentive Programs: Experience from Radiology Practices in Hospitals and Health Systems
    Presenter(s): Ramin Khorasani, MD, Curtis P Langlotz, MD, PhD, Keith D Hentel, MD, MS
  • Wednesday 12/03/14 (8:30-10:00AM/RC554): The Future of Federal Health Information Technology Incentive Programs and Policies: Expert Panel
    Presenter(s): Curtis P Langlotz, MD, PhD, Douglas B Fridsma, MD, PhD, John D Halamka, MD, MS, David S Mendelson, MD, Paul C Tang, MD
  • Thursday 12/04/14 (8:30-10:00AM/RC654): Health IT Incentive Programs: Experience from Private Radiology Practices
    Presenter(s): J.R Geis, MD, Alan D Kaye, MD, James Whitfill, MD, Alberto F Goldszal, PhD, MBA, Douglas B Fridsma, MD, PhD
  • Thursday 12/04/14 (4:30-6:00PM/RC754): Health IT Incentive Programs: Implications for Radiology IT Vendors. What Your Customers will Demand and Your Competition will Provide
    Presenter(s): Keith J Dreyer, DO, PhD, David E Avrin, MD, PhD
  • Friday 12/05/14 (10:30AM-12:00PM/RCC62): Managing Radiology IT in the EHR World
    Moderator(s): J.R Geis, MD
    Presenter(s): Keith J Dreyer, DO, PhD, Peter B Sachs, MD, Cree M Gaskin, MD, Gary J Wendt, MD, MBA

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