Flex-IT 2 Act Provides Relief to Physicians, Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Facing Tough Health IT Mandates

In this months post, we take a look at a recent post on www.house.gov on July 30, 2015 that introduces legislation that would delay CMS promulgation of the Stage 3 MU Final Rule and mandate a 90-day EHR reporting period every year, among other updates.

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC-02) introduced H.R. 3309 – the Further Flexibility in HIT Reporting and Advancing Interoperability Act or Flex-IT 2 Act on July 30, 2015.

According to the post, there continues to be a need for healthcare providers to have flexibility in meeting CMS’ rigid deadlines: only 19 percent of providers and 48 percent of hospitals have met Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use. To address mounting concerns among healthcare providers, Rep. Ellmers has introduced the Flex-IT 2 Act to address concerns with CMS’ proposed rules for Meaningful Use Stage 3 rules for the Medicare and Medicaid EHRs Incentive Programs.

This robust legislation encompasses 5 measures:

(1) Delay Stage 3 Rulemaking until at least 2017, or MIPS final rules or at least 75 percent of doctors and hospitals are successful in meeting Stage 2 requirements.
(2) Harmonize reporting requirements (MU, PQRS, IQR) to remove duplicative measurement and streamline requirements from CMS.
(3) Institutes a 90-day reporting period for each year, regardless of stage or program experience
(4) Encourages interoperability among EHR systems
(5) Expands hardship exemptions, as they are very narrowly defined under current regulations

View H.R. 3309 – the Further Flexibility in HIT Reporting and Advancing Interoperability Act (Flex-IT 2 Act): click here.

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